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I struggled for years with extra weight, sleepless nights, aches and pains and depression.  It wasn't until I made the connection between what we eat and how we feel that I put an end to all that.  Now, as a Functional Health Coach, I can help you break out of the food trap and discover your own unique nutritional blueprint.

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Fran Mac

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"Best programme ever!"

"Honestly the best program ever. I surprised myself at how easy it was to stick with it and I love how I feel. My head is clearer and I’m not as sleepy all the time. I love how I discovered new things and to top things off, I'm getting close to my pre-children weight! I'm now addicted to clean eating!" 

"The Prϋv Protocol is a thoughtfully created, wonderful program. Fran McElwaine’s compassionate and supportive attitude left me continually feeling like my best was good enough, and that she wasn’t expecting perfection in my attempts to eat clean. Her support went above and beyond, and the insight she showed into my specific challenges demonstrated her vast experience and knowledge."  

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Feeling that something has got to change? The PRUV Protocol is my signature approach to helping you experience True Wellness.  It to gets you off that hamster-wheel of  cravings, bingeing and guilt. A supportive and structured approach to bio-hacking your unique biology to balance hormones, lose weight, boost immunity and banish cravings. Incorporating cutting-edge nutritional know-how, great recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and one-to one coaching.

May Sadek, Coaching Client